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Monday, 22 August 2016

Nevis Five Ridges Record

15th August 2016

A classic mountaineering link-up I have wanted to do for years, but never gotten around to (I've done each ridge several times, but never linked them together).

Really very enjoyable - such a lot of climbing!
Enjoyed on a lovely afternoon in August

From North Face Car Park
- up North East Buttress (standard route traversing in from the left to above First Platform)
- down Tower Ridge
- up Observatory Ridge
- down Ledge Route
- up Castle Ridge
- return to North Face Car Park

c. 2091m ascent
V. Diff climbing standard

Tower Ridge and Ledge Route seen from North East Buttress

On Castle Ridge


  1. Magic this was a big day for a few in the RAF MRT and never in your times so impressed. Great to hear about your Tranters Record your Grandad would have been so proud as your Mum and Dad. Stay safe Heavy