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Monday, 10 April 2017

Round of the Mamores

On Saturday 8th April it was fantastic summery weather and the hills were all but free of snow following the mild winter.

I've run the Mamores Round twice before, as well as done it several times as part of longer linkups. Previously I'd clocked in at just over 7hrs, so was fairly sure I could get it under that. At least.

Setting off from Achriabhach at noon I decided to run clockwise, therefore getting the long runnable section done on fresh legs - I ran up the road and through to Steall Ruin. Onward to the summit of Binnein Beag I was pleased to get there in around 1hr 12mins.

Knowing the route pretty well made for a fairly stress free journey, keeping eating and drinking and taking in the views. I only touched snow on a handful of times, never more than a few strides to cross small patches.
Looking to Binnein Beag from the slopes below Sgurr Eilde Mor

As I ran I felt pretty strong and started doing some sums from my Tranter splits to see if sub-6hrs was do-able. It seemed like it was so I keep pushing on.

I loved seeing two ravens playing in the updrafts near Binnein Mor. Also bumping into Adrian and Eilidh who I've not seen for ages - just enough time for a quick hug! Coming up from Kinlochleven side was a massive line of people, I'd guess at least 50. Not sure what their story was as I didn't pass them directly.

Not much snow left on the Ben

Binnein Mor

Moving into the final stages of the run I was regretting not taking my sunglasses - it was glorious! Quick descent off Mullach down a short cut that I just about remembered, back to Achriabhach. Great cup of tea and proper catchup with my friends who had by now finished the Ring of Steall and were relaxing at Lower Falls.

I ran 5hrs 18mins 38secs (start and finish at Achriabhach bus stop sign). I wouldn't be surprised if this is a record although I can't see anything recorded elsewhere. Happy for any further information if anyone has any?
Devil's Ridge

Back at Achriabhach



Start Achriabhach

Binnein Beag 
Sgurr Eilde Mor
Binnein Mor
Na Gruagaichean 
An Gearanach
Stob Coire a’Chairn
Am Bodach
Sgor a Iubhair
Sgurr a’Mhaim
Stob Ban
Mullach nan Coirean
Finish Achriabhach

Sunday, 26 March 2017

All Ben Nevis Grade 1's Linkup

Today I did this link that I've had my eye on for a while. The weather was stunning and it was great to be out on the Ben.
Looking up towards No. 5 Gully etc

I came up with the idea while looking at the Ben Nevis guidebook and realising that there aren't that many Grade 1's on the Ben! I had a look at the UKC Logbook list too and amalgamated the two. Not much info out there about Arch Gully, on Carn Dearg Summit Buttresses - quite cool with a big chockstone.

My Route:

Start North Face car park
Up No. 5 Gully
Down Colando Gully
Up Arch Gully
Down No. 4 Gully
Up No. 3 Gully
Down Tower Gully
Up East Gully of Douglas Boulder
Down West Gully of Douglas Boulder
Finish North Face car park

I didn't include CMD Arete as I think you can argue that its not really 'on' the Ben.

2hrs 51mins 08secs
?1677m ascent

Under the chockstone in Arch Gully

On the plateau

Looking down Tower Gully

Looking back up Tower Gully

Observatory Gully

Looking down West Gully of Douglas Boulder

I took 2 light axes and used Salomon XA Alpine boot/shoes with strap on crampons.


Lovely day!

Speedy Tours 1 (2016) Video

My video from last year's trip got its 'premiere' at the Ski Night of Fort William Mountain Festival in February

Video at:

"In March 2016, 4 British ski mountaineers set off from Menton on the Cote du Azur and headed for the snow! In 7hrs we reached it, and in 7 days we had travelled over 130 miles to reach Aiguilles in the Queyras. Next year we plan to return and continue this journey, following a route along the Grand Alpine Arc. Our hope is to continue returning over several years, finishing eventually at the other end of the Alps in Vienna"