Tranter's Round Record

I set out at 0805hrs on Saturday 1st October 2016 and completed an anti-clockwise Tranter's Round in 10hrs 15minutes 30seconds.

I have been interested in the Tranter Round for a long time. Last February, myself and Tim Gomersall completed a Winter round on skimo ski mountaineering equipment in 17hrs 35mins (see

My focus over the past year or so has moved to longer races and runs. Competing in the Tromso Skyrace (3rd place, 6hrs 55mins) and Glencoe Skyline (4th place, 7hrs) as well as long runs in the hills have improved my stamina and distances. Supporting Jasmin Paris on her Ramsay Round Record (I did the third leg which was about 35km I think) was eye opening and sociable. Interest in long distance records seems to be on the increase. I like this: racing is good, but just going out and doing a long route for the challenge / fun of it is probably even more appealing to me.

Looking at previous split times (mainly Jasmin and Jon Ashcroft's Ramsay splits - as I couldn't find Mark Harris's Tranter splits at the last minute!) I reckoned I could shave a bit off Mark's time. I know the route well - having done all parts of it multiple times separately. I knew Mark have been 'onsight' on the Aonachs towards the end of his round, and he had previously told me that this had cost him some time. Also, Jasmin had challenged me to a sub-10 hour record!

Despite living in Fort William, it took a while for the combination of good weather, time off, and fresh legs to occur. Saturday 1st October was a glorious sunny day with some cloud in the valleys initially, but crystal clear views from the hills all around. Setting out from the Youth Hostel and up onto Mullach I was really excited to get started on what was going to be (if nothing else) an amazing weather day out in the autumnal hills. All along the Mamores, stags were roaring in the corries, nature taking its course after the first real cold night of the autumn.

View across from east of Mullach, towards Ben Nevis

Having cramped badly at Glencoe Skyrace, I was determined to look after myself and eat and drink loads all the way round. I thought I was doing this, but had a mini power failure towards Binnein Mor, and took on yet more food. I loved the fast track from Binnein Beag towards Sgurr Eilde Mor, and remembered the snow conditions and skiing I had last time I was here (going the other direction). I made the top of Sgurr Eilde Mor at 4hrs 55mins. Some calculations in my head and I reckoned that the 10hr mark was potentially feasible, although would need some work!

Looking along the Mamores

Devil's Ridge

I seemed to take a very boggy rough line down to Abhainn Rath in the glen, and felt pretty slow going up the long ascent to Stob Ban (Grey Corries). There was a Last Munro party on the top, complete with bagpipes - a funny coincidence as this was also the case when I was here last time on Jasmin's Ramsay!

Looking back at the river and the Mamores

Getting to Stob Choire Claurigh felt good psychologically as I was turning the corner to head home. I managed to pick up speed a bit and loved how close the Ben looked in the clear autumn light. I bumped into Donnie Campbell who was doing a long run from Corrour, a bit of a chat was nice after a long time on my own (other than just saying 'hi' to walkers).

I seem to need to eat and drink loads compared to a lot of other runners! I was running out of food! Carefully rationing myself I carried on and enjoyed the Carn Mor Dearg arete, although I felt pretty slow going up the final ascent to the Ben. Now I could just relax and get down to the Youth Hostel as soon as possible. I knew I was going to miss the 10hr mark, but not by too much.

Ben Nevis summit
Descending the Ben

One really interesting part of the run was realising how fast Jasmin and Jon's Ramsay splits are. On the Mamores I was mostly faster than these splits by a few minutes for each peak, but on the Grey Corries I had run out of some steam so was about the same. The fact that the Ramsay is 20 miles longer speaks for itself. That said, with more long runs my stamina can only improve - this was my longest run to date. I'm sure it will go quite a bit faster, I felt like I slowed down a fair bit in the second half so I'm keen to have another go at some point.


I was solo / unsupported. I ate about 3 bars and 9 gels, as well as jelly babies and some nuts. I seemed to drink a lot - maybe 6 litres! Lots of places to fill up.

Link to my Strava trace:

My watch said:
6080m ascent

Split times:

Start Glen Nevis YH
Mullach nan Coirean
Stob Ban
Sgurr a’Mhaim
Sgor a Iubhair
Am Bodach
Stob Coire a’Chairn
An Gearanach
Na Gruagaichean
Binnein Mor
Binnein Beag
Sgurr Eilde Mor
Stob Ban
Stob Coire Claurigh
Stob Coire a' Laoigh
Sgurr Choinnich Mor
Aonach Beag
Aonach Mor
Carn Mor Dearg
Ben Nevis
Glen Nevis YH


  1. Well done. It'll be interesting to see what time you do next time.


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